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Can you name the Items in LoZ: Skyward Sword?

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DescriptionEnter the itemExtra Info
A scale of the water dragon FaronYou use it to swim underwater.
It blows away the environment modifier in Lanayru Mining Facility.You use it later to help unlock the Isle of Songs.
Indiana Jones uses oneYou get to rip of Koloktos' arms with it!
Looks like grappling hooksYou finally get both at once, unlike Twilight Princess.
You buy this in Beedle's Airshop.You can also use this to keep Demise from attacking in the final battle!
Protects you from immense heat.Link was wearing blue earrings, now they're red!
It shares a name with a type of insect.It is upgraded into the Hook Beetle in Lanayru Desert.
A classic Legend of Zelda itemIt can change time on the Sandship.
Holds ExplosivesIt's capacity can be upgraded.
Allows you to dig undergroundAn upgrade of the digging mitts.

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