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Can you name the F1 Driver described by the Haiku given? (Part 1)

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Crashed a lot at first / had peculiar eye twitch / Got Jordan's first points
Used to moan a lot / Had a really good Moustache / Best for Williams
Had a pink helmet / Has raced in Formula E / Tried some white powder
Used to have some hair / Second place for Leyton House / Bad at Ferrari
Looks after Tyres well / Did not thrive at McLaren / Nickname is 'Checo'
Lots of sixth places / One race sub for Häkkinen / Chose lots of French teams
F3000 Champ / Once cried at the Nurburgring / 'look how bad you are'
Spiderman Helmet / Covered for Katayama / Great at touring cars
While wearing odd boots / Podiums for Benetton / Once drove McLaren
Once won at Le Mans / Reports for UK TV / Rolled Jordan in Oz
Ran Honda 'B team' / First Japanese Podium / Once drove a Jordan
Known as 'Supersub' / Almost won for Ferrari / Now designs watches
Sub for Schumacher / Irvine gave him the trophy / Should have won a race
At Toro Rosso / Was a DJ in spare time / Replaced Seb Bourdais
Son of an ex champ / Won the championship too / Won at Williams
Known as 'super Swede' / Champ runner up in a March / Sideways driving style
Came 'back from the dead' / Beat Alain by half a point / a bit of a 'rat'
Front row in US / Best driver for Minardi / Led in Estoril

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