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Can you name the answers to the Family Guy questions given these clues?

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Mayor of the townA
Name of the family petB
The only character that got his own spin-offC
Name of the bar Peter and his friends frequentD
Name of the chicken has a fight with three timesE
The name of Peters FatherF
Quagmire's First nameG
Name of the elderly man that has a crush on ChrisH
Where Peter's biological father is fromI
Name of the local High SchoolJ
Ex-wife of one of the characters that slept with QuagmireL
The paranoid Jewish pharmacistM
Nerd who has a crush on MegN
Stewie's duet partner in the show tune 'Reason I love you'O
Place where Peter used to workP
Name of town where the Griffins liveQ
State where the Griffins liveR
Name of the street the show takes place onS
Name of the Asian reporterT
Last name of peters boss at the toy factoryW

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