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1030Norwegian King Saint Olaf Haraldsson is killed in battle but Christianization of Norway is ensured
1057MacBeth is killed in battle against Malcolm's forces
1066Normans under William the Conqueror defeat the Anglo-Saxon army under Harold Godwinson
1097Byzantines and Crusaders defeat forces of the Sultanate of Rum
1098Crusaders capture this city after more than eight months of siege
1099Crusaders capture this city from the Fatimids after a month of siege and bloody street-fighting
1148French and German Crusaders, in alliance with Jerusalem, fail to conquer this city from the Saracens, ending the Second Crusade
1174William I of Scotland is defeated and captured by a small English force
1177Baldwin IV defeats Saladin, who fled back to Egypt after his failed attempt to capture Jerusalem
1187The Muslim armies under Saladin captured or killed the vast majority of the Crusader forces and reconquered Jerusalem
1258Hulagu Khan of the Mongols defeats the Abbasid and takes the Caliph prisoner
1291Mameluks capture the last Crusader city
1298English archers defeat Scots led by William Wallace, English longbow's first great victory
1302Flemish burghers led by William of J├╝lich and Pieter de Coninck defeat French knights
1338First naval battle of the Hundred Years' War and first using artillery (English ship Christopher had three cannons and one hand gun)
1340Edward III beats the fleet of Philip VI of France off the coast of Flanders and gains control of the English Channel
1346English troops led by Edward III defeat a much larger army of French troops led by Philip VI
1356Edward the Black Prince captures King John II of France
1415Henry V defeats a numerically superior French army and crippled France in the Hundred Years' War
1419Henry V of England gains a foothold in Normandy
1429First major field victory of the French in the Hundred Years' War, recognized as the war's turning point
1429English forces commanded by the Earl of Suffolk besiege French city and are driven off by Joan of Arc
1453Mehmet II of the Ottoman Turks captures this city, ending the Byzantine Empire
1453The Valois use cannon to defeat the Lancastrians, ending the Hundred Years' War
1460Yorksist troops land at this city and defeat a Lancastrian fleet
1461Edward IV defeats the Lancastrians in the biggest battle of the Wars of the Roses
1462Battle between forces of Vlad III Dracula, the Impaler of Wallachia and Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire
1471Edward IV of England's final victory over the House of Lancaster
1477Charles the Bold is defeated and killed, ending the Burgundy Wars
1485Ends Wars of the Roses fought since 1460, Henry VII becomes King
1492Ferdinand II of Aragon defeats the last Muslim kingdom in Al-Andalus, the emirate of Granada, ending the Reconquista
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