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what class is this
what is todays date
what room number is this
What is the main religion of India
What is the main religion of Pakistan
What is the biggest country in South Asia
what two countries were made in the partition of India
What is the main cause of slums
where are slums accumulating
what is the oldest religion
is Hinduism monotheistic or polytheistic
what is the holiest river for the Hindus
What movie affected the people that live in slums
overcrowded area with unsanitary living conditions
the act of a place becoming more like a city
Who is the main person in the Islamic faith
people who move from one place to another
what is the dominant ethnicity in the middle east
what expensive resource does the Middle East pocess
name one of the two main rivers in the Middle East
What is the scripture for Muslims
what city has the important religious artifacts for jews christians and muslims

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