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Can you name the Periodic Table Names And Symbols 61-80?

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Atomic NumberName, SymbolEtymology
61Named after Prometheus of Greek Mythology
62Named after samarskite, a mineral
63From Ancient Greek 'Europe' (Europe)
64Named after Johan Gadolin, Nordic Chemist
65From Swedish 'Ytterby' (village in Sweden)
66From Greek 'dysprositos' (hard to get at)
67From Latin 'Holmia' (Stockholm)
68From Swedish 'Ytterby' (village in Sweden)
69From Greek 'Thule' (a mythical country in the far north)
70From Swedish 'Ytterby' (village in Sweden)
71From Latin 'Lutetia' (Paris)
72From Latin 'Hafnia' (Copenhagen)
73Named after the Greek Tantalus
74From Swedish/Danish 'tung sten' (heavy stone), symbol from 'wolfram' (its scientific name)
75From Latin 'Rhenus' (the Rhine River)
76From Greek 'osme' (a smell)
77From Latin 'iris' (rainbow, iris plant, iris of the eye)
78From Spanish 'platina' (little silver)
79From Anglo-Saxon 'gold' (yellow, bright)
80Named after Mercury, Roman God, symbol from Greek 'hydor' (water) and 'argyros' (silver)

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