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Can you name the Periodic Table Names And Symbols 41-60?

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Atomic NumberName, SymbolEtymology
41From Greek 'Niobe' (daughter of Tantalus)
42From Greek 'molybdos' (lead)
43From Greek 'technetos' (artificial)
44From Latin 'Ruthenia' (exonym for Kievan Rus)
45From Greek 'rhodon' (rose)
46From Greek 'Pallas' (Proper name of asteroid)
47From Anglo-Saxon 'seolfor' (to refine, smelt)
48From Latin 'cadmia' (calamine)
49From Greek 'indigo' (indigo)
50From Anglo-Saxon 'tin' (tin), symbol from Latin 'stannum'
51From Greek 'anti monos' (opposed to solitude), symbol from Latin 'stibium' (Arabic loan word for eyepaint)
52From Latin 'tellus' (Earth)
53From Greek 'iodes' (violet)
54From Greek 'xenos' (foreign, stranger)
55From Latin 'caesius' (sky blue)
56From Greek 'barys' (heavy)
57From Greek 'lanthanein' (to lie hidden)
58From Latin 'Ceres' (Proper name of dwarf planet)
59From Greek 'prasios didymos' (greek twin)
60From Greek 'neos didymos' (new twin)

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