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Can you name the Periodic Table Names And Symbols 21-40?

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Atomic NumberName, SymbolEtymology
21From Latin 'scandia' (Scandinavia)
22From Greek 'titan' (Earth)
23From Old Norse 'Vanadis' (one of the names of the Vanr goddess Freyja)
24From Greek 'chroma' (color)
25From Latin 'Magnesia' (a district in Thessaly)
26From Anglo-Saxon 'īsern' (holy metal), symbol from Latin 'ferrum' (iron)
27From German 'kobold' (evil spirit)
28From Swedish 'kopparnickel' (copper-colored ore)
29From Greek 'kyprios' (from Cyprus)
30From German 'Zinken' (prong, point)
31From Latin 'Gallia' (Gaul - Ancient France)
32From Latin 'Germania' (Germany)
33From Greek 'arsenikos' (masculine, potent)
34From Greek 'selene' (moon)
35From Greek 'bromos' (stench)
36From Greek 'kryptos' (hidden one)
37From Latin 'rubidus' (deepest red)
38From Scottish Gaelic 'Sròn an t-Sìthein' (Proper Name)
39From Swedish 'Ytterby' (village in Sweden)
40From Arabic 'zarkûn' (gold-like)

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