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QUIZ: Can you name the Periodic Table Names And Symbols 101-118?

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Atomic NumberName, SymbolEtymology
101Named after Dmitri Mendeleyev
102Named after Alfred Nobel
103Named after Ernest O. Lawrence
104Named after Ernest Rutherford
105Named after Dubna, Russia
106Named after Glenn T. Seaborg
107Named after Niels Bohr
108From Latin 'Hassia' (Hesse, a German State)
109Named after Lise Meitner
110Named after Darmstadt, Germany
111Named after Wilheim Conrad Roentgen
112Named after Nicolaus Copernicus
113Named after Japan
114Named after Georgy Flyorov
115Named after Moscow Oblast
116Named after Livermore, California and Robert Livermore
117Named after Tennessee
118Named after Yuri Oganessian

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