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Can you name the Periodic Table Names And Symbols 1-20?

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Atomic NumberName, SymbolEtymology
1From Greek 'hydro' (water) and 'genes' (creator)
2From Greek 'helios' (sun)
3From Greek 'lithos' (stone)
4From Latin 'beryllus' (to become pale) via Sanskrit 'vaidurya' (related to the city of Belur)
5From Arabic 'buraq' (Borax)
6From French 'charbone' via Latin 'carbō' (charcoal)
7From French 'nitrogene' via Greek 'nitron geinomai' (I bring forth native-soda)
8From Greek 'oxy genomai' (I bring forth acid)
9From 'fluorspar' (Calcium Fluoride, CaF2)
10From Greek 'neos' (new)
11From English 'soda' (caustic soda, soda ash, etc), symbol from Latin 'natrium' (natural soda)
12From Ancient Greek 'Magnesia' (a district in Thessaly)
13From Latin 'alumen' (alum, bitter salt)
14From Latin 'silex' (flint)
15From Greek 'phos' and 'phoros' (light bearer)
16From Latin 'sulpur' via Proto-Indo-European 'swelp' (to burn)
17From Greek 'chloros' (yellowish green)
18From Greek 'argon' (inactive)
19From English 'potash' (pot-ash), symbol from Kalium, from Arabic 'al qalīy' (calcified ashes)
20From Latin 'calx' (lime)

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