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man wearing a nightdress at the world cup
death eater that dies in fight in the half blood prince
headmaster before Dumbledore
Nearly headless Nicks last name
rons dead uncle mentioned
Burkes first name
Proprietor of the orphanage where Tom Riddle was raised
Head of Goblin Liaison Office
Hagrids mothers name
ginny's full first name
killed karkus
Captain of the Holyhead Harpies
slytherins first seeker in Harrys year
replaces fred and george on quidditch team
seeker for ireland
Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch from Egypt
sent to give Morfin Gaunt a summons for a hearing because he broke Wizarding Law
molly weasleys maiden name
Resigns in protest from the Wizengamot when the post of Inquisitor to Hogwarts School is announced
captain of 1st year slytherin team in Harrys year
hogwarts librarian
Healer Trainee in Arthur Weasleys ward
Irish International Keeper
other beater replacing fred or george

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