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son of Poseidon 
daughter of Athena 
son of Hades 
daughter of Hades 
son of Hephaestus 
daughter of Ares 
son of Hermes 
daughter of Zeus 
daughter of Aphrodite 
son of Poseidon 
son of Hermes 
son of Hermes 
son of Dionysus 
boyfrend of clarisse 
son of Athena 
son of Nemesis 
son of Hephaestus 
daughter of Demeter 
son of Apollo 
son of Apollo 
son of Athena 
son of Ares 
son of Dionysus 
son of Ares 
son of Apollo 
goddess of love and beauty 
god of the sun and archery 
god of war 
goddess of the hunt 
goddess of wisdom and battle 
god of wine and madness 
goddess of the Harvest 
god of the Underworld 
god of forging 
goddess of marriage 
god of travelers, communication, and theives 
god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses 
goddess of springtime 
King of the Gods and the god of the sky 
Lesser god
god of the winds 
god of terror 
Goddess of youth 
goddess of magic 
goddess of hearth and home 
goddess of rainbows 
god of gates, doorways, beginnings and endings 
god of dreams 
goddess of ghosts 
goddess of revenge and balance 
god of the wild 
god of fear 
Titan General 
Titan of burning light 
Lord of the Titans 
Titan of the ocean 
Titan of forethought 
Daughter of atlas that lives in ogygia 
son of Kronos - centaur 
Huntress of Artemis 
Huntress of Artemis 
one of the three Hecatonchires 
three headed dog 
giant mouth that swallows and releases water 
three-headed beast 
One eyed-giants 
flying pig 
Snake women 
vice principal of Westover Hall 
Part woman, part snake 
Seductive shape-shifting beast women 
three women who control life 
Hades's main servants 
large black dogs 
Hundred-Handed giants 
monster with nine heads 
half-woman, half dragon 
muscular cannibals 
giant dragon 
human faces, the bodies of lions and thorny tails 
Snakeheaded beast 
monster of the labyrinth 
lion with bulletproof and swordproof pelt 
half-cow half-snake monster 
six headed 
Dog-faced sea demons 
very powerful monster 
Percy's stepfather 
Luke's mother 
percy's mortal friend 
Percy's stepfather 
mother of Percy 
Spirit that lives in the attic 

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