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At the onset of the jump, the ball is controlled by both hands and once in the air is typically brought to chest or face level, or higher
A one-handed slam dunk, where the ball is brought over the head before being stuffed into the basket, in a chopping motion
This is a type of dunk where the player brings the ball up to their waste, then moves their arm straight back and up in a circular motion until they dunk the ball over their head.
An approach-variation dunk type in which the player approaches goal along the court-boundary which is parallel with the backboard, instead of from the in front of the goal.
Under the limb
The player approaches the goal and leaps as they would for a generic dunk
This is a dunk where the player takes off from a distance which is significantly further away from the basket than is considered typical
Dr. J did it in 1976
The dunk is performed when a pass is caught in the air and then slammed in the hoop

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