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what page does barbara enter kieth and s79
what page does barbra enter kieth and stephens hideout?
on page 66 what person do kieth and stephen humorously write about?
on what page does stephen tell kieth that his dad is a german spy?
fill the gap:'secrets about______,perhaps.'
on page 72 what happens when kieth and stephen chase kieths mum tothe end of the street
what is the bush that they are hiding in called
what is stephen called by his bullies at school on page 61
what does stephens mum say when he starts squirming at the dinner table
on what day does stephens mum want him to stay for dinner
what page does barbara enter kieth and s79
what do two of stephens teachers twist when he doesn't know a answer at school
what is stephen learning about in geography
what does stephens dad call horse poo
what does stephen imagine has happened to uncle peters leave
who is in the library when stephen is looking
what does kieth say that he and stephen have been doing for the morning
how many pages are in chapter 4

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