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Can you name the Enchanted Portraits within the world of Harry Potter?

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LocationPortrait SubjectContext within Plot
Hogs HeadPassageway between Hogs Head and Room of Requirement
Prefect's BathroomWatches Harry take a Bath with The Golden Egg
Gryffindor EntranceGuards Gryffindor Tower
12 Grimmauld Place/Headmasters OfficeOld Headmaster and Member of Black Family
12 Grimmauld PlaceBlack Family Member
Headmasters OfficeOld Headmaster and St. Mungo's Healer
Headmasters OfficeOld Headmaster (Refused Tom Riddle DADA Post)
Hogwarts KitchensTickling the Pear allows Harry & co. to visit the House Elves
LocationPortrait SubjectContext within Plot
Temporary Guard of GryffindorDirects Harry and Ron to Divination and Replaces Fat Lady after her Portrait is Slashed by Sirius Black
HogwartsFriend of The Fat Lady
Headmasters OfficeHarry's Old Headmaster
Headmasters OfficeOld Headmaster
Outside The Room of RequirementHangs outside Room of Requirement
PMs Office, 10 Downing StreetMedium for Minister for Magic and PM to Communicate
Headmasters OfficeOld Headmaster

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