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Most Important Piece of Equipment for All Wizards and Witches
Communication method for DA members and for Draco and Madam Rosmerta
Bright Red Letter Sent to Signify Extreme Anger or to Convey a Message Loudly and in Public
Makes the Wearer Invisible. Harry's is a Deathly Hallow
Deathly Hallow made of Elder Wood and Thestral Hair
Deathly Hallow which Allows the Holder to Communicate with the Dead
Device Invented by Dumbledore which Looks Like a Cigarette Lighter
Dark Device Created to Attain Immortality by Splitting the Soul
When a Candle is Placed on it, Provides Light Only to the Wielder
Small, Clear, Smoke Filled Orb, Designed to Remind Someone of Their Forgetfulness
Dark Arts Detector. Miniature Glass-Spinning Top that Emits Shrill Noises in the Presence of Deception
Each Family Member's Hand Tells their Location or Status e.g. 'Mortal Peril'
More Violent Version of Traditional Board Game. Used as a Challenge to reach The Philosophers Stone
Magical Game where the Balls Spit, or Gob, a Foul Smelling Liquid in the Face of the Opposing Player when they Lose a Point. Has a Club at Hogwarts
Worth 150 Points In Quidditch
Sole Purpose is to Knock Quidditch Players off their Brooms
Worth 10 Points in Quidditch When Thrown through the Oppositions Hoops
Impartial Judge used to Decide Champions
Once Owned by a Founder of Hogwarts, one of the few things that can Destroy a Horcrux
Changes all Metals to Gold and can be Used to Brew an Elixir of Immortality. Owned by Nicholas Flamel
Decides which House First Years go into
Shows 'Not your Face but your Heart's Desire'. Used as Final Protection for The Philosopher's Stone
Intended to Let Sirius and Harry Reach each other but Ended Allowing Aberforth to Keep an Eye on Harry
Grants the Drinker Unusually Good Luck
Allows the Drinker to Appear to be Another Person for a Set Time
Only Three Drops of this Potion is Needed to Force Anyone to Tell the True Answer to any Question
Will Place the Drinker in such a Deep Sleep that They Appear to be Dead
Stone Receptacle Used to Store and Review Memories
Type of Draw-String Pouch that No one but the Owner can Open. Birthday Present to Harry from Hagrid
Very Common Aerial Method of Transportation
What Harry and Ron Travel in when they Miss The Hogwarts Express
Travel by Emerald Green Fire
Transport Banned in Britain, Often Manufactured in The Middle East
Purple Triple-Decker Bus, for the Wizard or Witch in Need of Transport
Lent to Hagrid the Night Harry's Parents Died
Can be Set to Transport Anybody who Touches it to a Designated Location
Used for Time Travel. Hermione Owned One
One in Borgin and Burkes. One in the Room of Requirement.
Quill Banned from the Examination Hall in their OWLs
As the User Writes, the Quill Cuts into the Back of the User's Hand and uses his or her Blood for Ink
Used by Rita Skeeter to Write her Articles and Dumbledore's Biography
Everlasting Fire Given by Hagrid and Mme Maxime to Appease the Giants
Allowing much more Detailed Viewing of Events, such as Quiditch
Magical Adhesive Tape
Map of Hogwarts which is not fooled by Polyjuice Potion or Animagi

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