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Band that released 'Narrow Stairs' in 2008
According to Ben Franklin, the only two certainties in this world
REAL NAME of WWE wrestler 'the Undertaker'
In Revelation, the rider called death is atop a horse of what color
Arthur Miller play featuring Willy Loman
Leading cause of death in the US
In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name, and his name is...
Who was the bass player for Wyld Stallyns
The sound a person makes shortly before expiring
'Grindhouse' feature starring Kurt Russell
First US president to die in office
Movie where cliches such as 70 points for hitting an old person originates (recently the subject of a remake)
Biggie Smalls first studio album
Biggie Smalls album featuring 'Hypnotize'
Alleged signal you've been marked for death by the Mafia
Legend says Ponce de Leon spent his life in Florida searching for this death beater
Object that kept Dorian Grey from Death's grasp
Thomas Mann novella starring 'Gustav von Aschenbach'
What train served as the backdrop for an Agatha Christie murder mystery
Most popular method of capital punishment in the US

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