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Can you name the PewDiePie character-names?

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Forced Order
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PewDiePie's firstname
PewDiePie's middlenames
PewDiePie's lastname
CutiePie's firstname
CutiePie's lastname
Their dog's name
the enemy
gold statue from amnesia
a piece of furniture to sit on
female stone
favorite character from happy wheels
the girl from to the moon
the girl from the walking dead
the girl from the witch's house
the creature from spore
son of the devil
the boy from limbo
tree 'statue' from paranormal and anna
main character in that no-point pixel-game
the girl who dissapers in a museum
the boy/man who helps this^ girl
the youtuber Pewds plays bloody trapland with
the girl/lady from facade
Pewds friend in Journey
dead pig from amnesia
plant from amnesia
chicken from can your pet
teleporting... from amnesia
head with a hand/arm from afraid of monsters

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