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'This is going to be the Vanity Fair paper cut incident all over again, isn't it?'
'You don't know a piston from a pepperoni. Lots of money in ignorance; I'm with you!'
'...could you ask the Pigeon Sisters if there's a point to this opus?'
'Yeah, well, who knows what we've inherited from that woman; count(ed) your toes lately?'
'Catherine The Great comes in for dessert.'
'I love the scene where she chews on Kris Kristofferson's lips!'
'There was a monster truck rally in Woodbury tonight- pulls roughly about the same demographic.'
'I don't need a physics lesson right now, no matter how well it's intentioned!'
'Dude had Cheese-Nip breath when he said they were still settling.'
'Okay, Emma Goldman;...'
'Blodgett, Steins One and Two;...'
'Can I bring my own sandwich?'
'Davey? Is that his name? I've been calling him Truman.'
'I invited him over for pizza and a movie, not to Niagara Falls!'
'...that perfect attendance award in my sight.'
'Well, Corkie's Country Cavalcade on Public Access was preempted, so I thought I'd check out the next best thing.'
'Bing Crosby is warming up his pipes by the fireplace right now.'
'...one side of Rosella's butt implant deflated?'
'...put Phil Spector up to it?
'Okay, King George, take a breath, eat a fry and listen to me:...'
'Wear socks.'
'Not when you persist in dressing like a Peanuts character.'
'So, not your Jonas Salk necklace?'
'That's the biggest yellow button I've ever seen!'
'I did that and I had nightmares for a week; Bulgarians in Speedos...'
'...which will mean doodly-squat when I'm in line amongst a thousand other people vying for an opening in the garden department at Wal-Mart.'
'I mean, they could at least do something disgusting with some other barnyard animal.'

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