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Why is water a polar molecule?
What is the difference between adhesion and cohesion?
What is hydrogen bonding and how does it relate to the specific heat of water?
How does water’s high specific heat benefit organisms on Earth?
What are acids and bases, and what levels constitute them on the pH scale?
______ often determines a molecule's function.
Carbon atom usually completes its valence shell by (sharing / transferring) its 4 electrons
What does a phosphate group consist of?
What is an organic molecule that consists only of carbon and hydrogen called?
Structural isomers a. are molecules that are mirror images of each other. b. have the same covalent partnerships, but differ in spatial arrangements. c. differ in the covalent arra
Sugars may be aldoses or ketoses depending on the location of the carbonyl group. The following statements are all true EXCEPT: A.Aldoses are carbohydrates that contain an aldehyde
What is an Ester linkage? A. Bond between amino acids B. Bond between the glycerol coreto a fatty acid tail C. Bond between nucleotides D. Bond between carbohydrates
Match the Levels of Protein Structure: A. Primary Structure B. Secondary structure C. Tertiary structure D. Quaternary structure 1.caused by hydrogen bonding of the amino acid back
The following are nitrogenous bases of RNA except: A. Cytosine B. Thymine C. Adenine D. Guanine E. Uracil
What kind of bond is present in a water molecule? A.ionic B.hydrogen bond C. polar covalent bond D. nonpolar covalent bond
Ionic compounds are also known as _______.
What is a 'van der Waals interaction'?
The shape of a molecule is determined by the _________.
The strongest kinds of chemical bonds are... (list 2 types of bonds)

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