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Can you name the The Alchemyst Series?

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1st book of the Series
2nd book of the Series
3rd book of the Series
4th book of the Series
5th book of the Series
Who has a ... Gold aura
silver aura
green aura
yellow aura
gray aura
In what city do the twins live?
Where does the male twin work?
Where does the female twin work?
From what book do Nicholas Flamel and his wife obtain the secret to their immortality?
Who tries to steal this book in the first installment of the series?
What kind of creatures does this man bring with him?
What does Josh remove from the book?
What was the island of the Elders that sank?
Who is called the Shadow?
Who is the Sorceress?
Who Awakens Sophie?
Who Awakens Josh?
Who educates Sophie in the Magic of Fire?
Who is this man married to?
What profession are the twins' parents employed in?

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