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Can You Name All of the Once Upon A Time Characters??

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The Saviour
Cast the Dark Curse
Heart of the Truest Believer
The Fairest
A Shepherd
The Dark One
The Beauty
The Pirate
The Dark One's son
The Conscience
The Wolf
Puppet/Real Boy
Failed to kill Snow White
The Knave
Fell in love with a Fairy
First to cross the border after the curse broke
Helped Snow White give birth to her daughter
One of the Seven Dwarves
One of the Seven Dwarves
One of the Seven Dwarves
One of the Seven Dwarves
Dwarf who was killed breaking Snow White out of jail
Owns the diner
Highest ranking fairy
Tried to resurrect his brother
Carved the magical wardrobe
The Evil Queen's Father
Murdered a King with Agrabah vipers
Prince Charming's adoptive father
Owns a magical hat
In love with a golden knight
The Evil Queen's mother
Put under a sleeping curse
Turned into the Yaoguai
Warrior who joined the Merry Men
Turned into a rat by Rumplestiltskin
Wanted to destroy magic
Wanted to destroy magic
Steals from the rich to give to the poor
Frozen by the Snow Queen
Leads the Lost Boys
Lost Boy
Stripped of her wings
Posed as Snow White's midwife
Queen of Arendelle
Princess of Arendelle
Arendelle's Offical Ice Deliverer
Nearly adopted the Saviour
Trapped as a dragon for 30 years
Has the ability to control animals
The Sea Witch
The current Author (series 4B)
Cannibal who ate children
Wished to go to the ball
His first born was wanted by the Dark One
A mouse turned mechanic
Jiminy Cricket's father
Jiminy Cricket's mother
The Prince's Twin
The Twins' mother
Everything he touched turned to gold
The Original Dark One
Cannibal tried to eat him
Cannibal tried to eat her
His children were banished to the Infinite Forest
A lock of her hair was in the Dark Curse
Killed by agrabah vipers on the orders of his wife
The Beauty's father
Turned into a rose
Knight who is turned into gold
Fell in love with a dwarf
Eaten by his girlfriend
Abandoned by her father who was trapped in Wonderland
Welcomes people to Wonderland

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