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Can you name the strange universes, realms, or dimensions the doctor has visited?

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HintNot Normal Space PlaceSerial
Just a big toy-box.
Gulliver travels therein.
Think ST episode 'Mirror, Mirror.'
The 'space between the now and the now.'
Where 'great jellies' dwell.
Brings new meaning to 'Dine and Drashig.'
Mummies on one end; enraged god on the other.
According to Romana, it is a 'theoretical absurdity.'
It converts specimens to electromagnetic signals, stored on laser crystals. It's also a good way to smuggle drugs!
A natural time loop, that you don't want to get trapped in. Useful to villans who don't have enough dodecahedric power to create one.
HintNot Normal Space PlaceSerial
Built to save Normal Space from heat death.
A space smaller than N-Space.
Adric thought this up.
You shouldn't dream here alone.
You won't find Keanu Reeves here.
Some call it heaven. When the Doctor showed up he just got more work to do.
The doctor got trapped in this when it was over used.
The guilty are thrown in and come out all wet.
In this place the audience is three, usually un-amused, gods.

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