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Can you name the Terran Maniacs, Megalomaniacs, and Stone-Cold Killers?

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He poisons bugs and shoots scientists.
He would forge a grand alliance to rule the Universe and Time.
This computer knew the doctor by name, and sent his war machines to fetch him.
This captain and his crew couldn't smuggle their way past the Doctor.
The Doctor had to drown this menace to stop him.
This Mexican will rule the world.
The member of a scientific duo totally willing to do the Evil of the Daleks,
He was made more human than human, and still tried to rule earth and his masters.
This army General hates Martins.
This Martian hating conspiratorial scientist was hoisted by his own petard.
Working with the general to save earth from the Martins.
The Doctor thinks his liver is playing up. Maybe he has a bad case of his self named gas.
Runs a plastic factory and really liked the killer plastic chair.
Old Colonial put out to pasture to run an island prison...with one prisoner.
Another mad machine, that puts all its green waste in the old mine.
Autons, Axons, Sea Devils, The Master will give you some serious PTSD. You might even want to get back to a Golden Age.
This knight of the realm wants a golden age.
This professor will usher in a golden age.
This general will make sure no one prevents the golden age.
He has a spider on his back. Eventually they conspired to overthrow the queen.
He created a giant robot to rule the world.
She runs Think Tank by day and the Scientific Reform Society by night.
The faithful, deadly secretary of the above.
A very stupid, one-eyed astronaut. Also the spearhead of an invasion of the earth.
Metrosexual, millionaire, photographer, and plant rights advocate. He must have those pods!
The one named killer/errand man of the above.
One named astrologer who becomes a demi-god.
Deliciously evil Italian count. His sport was teaching the peasants a lesson.
Square jawed scientist and warlock. He met his end by his own hand.
A wonderful butler! He's so violent!
A spy on an underwater secret base. Worst assignment ever.
Good grief, another spy on an underwater secret base.
The medium of the Malus.
Want a good life; go to Paradise Towers!
If you say her name sounds like a sleeveless garment worn as an apron; she will turn you into a toad.
A Nazi with a Spanish sounding last name. Well maybe.

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