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Can you name the Dance moms season 6 group dances?

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Minis group they dropped the props
Red costumes with a prop
the week they went to Debbie Allens
Hip hop routine with boys
Brynn was the lead
Named after a bird
Minis group song was used in a Kendall solo
Based off the movie the wizard of oz
Jojo was featured
The minis we're in this group
Based off the movie huntsmans winters war
Maddie and Mackenzies last group
They did a dance like this in season 1
White costumes with a flower headband
The week the minis came
Named after a animal
A newer version of the dance open waters
Tribute to singer David Bowie
First minis group
Baseball dance
Minis group they wore purple coats
Based off a green day song
Minis group they dressed like biker girls

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