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QUIZ: The Nun's Priest from the Canterbury Tales

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What did the Fox ask Chanticleer to do?
Who says that the stories are too depressing?
What does Pertelote say is the cause of Chanticleer's nightmares?
Who owns the farm?
Who does Chanticleer see in his dream?
Who runs after Chanticleer?
What month does the Fox come?
Where did the Fox grab Chanticleer?
Who tells the story?
What season does the Fox come?
What did Pertelote call Chanticleer after his dream?
How many daughters are in the story?
How many wives does Chanticleer have
What does Chanticleer suggest to the fox?
Who is Chanticleer's favorite wife?
Where does Chanticleer fly to?

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