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scene descriptionepisode
Dwight gives birth
Michael spanks his nephew
Toby gets shot in the face
Phyllis shallows her crown
Dwight smashes pinata
Kevin doesn't know what a bean means
Micheal wants to drain his eyes
Creed says he has a foot with four toes
Michael says 'faggy'
Michael says his favorite season is autumn
Kevin thinks a button is money
Andy getts blisters
Stanely dances while sitting in his desk
Oscar tells his worst breakup
Jim picks up Pam while fighting
Pam is mad about microwave
Kelly Screams trying to stop the device
Erin has lunch with Michael
Meredith is surpised a month early
Angela sneaks off to go to New York
scene descriptionepisode
Darryl feeds a squirrel
Gabe makes rules about captions
Ryan gets hired
Michael tries to kiss Pam
Dwight says thats what she said
Dwight makes out with basketball player
Phyllis gets feed like a horse
Andy describes cheeses
Michael takes the women out
Stanleys car gets hit with a watermelon
The Office 'Clipshow'
Michael and Dwight get a bean bag chair
Toby wins a toy for Pam
Kevin flips off Holly
Michael visits Holly's desk
Prison Mike
Dwight says to fire Tony
Pam finds out she is pregnant
Jim plays hoops with David
Robert gets Erin to drink

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