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Odysseus' Crafty Creation
Weak spot; named after Greek hero
Babylonian lovers
'Metamorphoses' author
Roman general and first Roman dictator
Previous general's account of the Gallic Wars
Two brave Trojan friends; fought for Aeneas
Pelops' son who killed his brother's sons
Trojan priest who warned of Greek gift
Thing that killed previous priest
Author of the 'Iliad' and the 'Odyssey'
Crossing this river started the Roman Civil War
How the Babylonian lovers communicated
What caused Thisbe to flee
Loved Pandora
Warned of Pandora
Tree stained by Pyramus' blood
What Pyramus found in the woods
Greek king who led the Greeks against Troy
Feuding goddesses who started the Trojan War
Reason for their feudMarked 'for the fairest'
Odysseus' wife
Homer was ______
How many Oscar's the film 'Troy' was nominated for
Verb used in 'ut' clauses
Ablative absolute
Fourth principal part of the verb 'tego'
What the fourth principal part is also known as
Your favorite YouTube video [language warning]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skCV2L0c6K0
First two sentences of 'Ecce Romani I'In Latin

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