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Beetles, largest order, 2 pairs of wings, larvae are grubs.
True flies, mosquitos, 1 pair of wings, halteres for balance, carry disease.
Butterflies,moths, 2 pairs of wings, covered with scales.
Bees, wasps, ants, threadlike body, possess stinger, compound eyes.
True bugs, 2 pairs of wings folded over back, enlarged thorax(triangular sheild)
Hoppers, aphids, scale insects, leathery front wings, plant feeders.
Grasshoppers, crickets, 2 pairs of wings folded flat over back, powerful hind legs, females have long ovipositor.
Dragonflies, damselflies, wings with many veins, wings held out from body, immature are aquatic(nymphs).
Cockroaches, leathery front wings, well devloped legs for running, long antennae, like vertical dark places.
Termites, equally sized wings, wide waisted, social insects.
Lice, wingless, external parasites, anoplura are sucking lice, mallophaga are chewing lice.
Mantids, fron legs for grabbing, large eyes.
Fleas, wingless siphon feeder, adults are small, hard bodied, laterally compressed.
Mites, ticks,
Earwigs, nocturnal, must have pincers.
Spiders, 4 pairs of legs, spin silk, digestion external.

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