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DescriptionAnswerLetter, Book
Only male member of group BA | The Scorch Trials
The female lead introduced alongside JorgeB | The Scorch Trials
The home of many Cranks; the deathplace of a beloved characterC | The Death Cure
The only place with all ImmunesD | The Death Cure
Teresa triggers this when arriving to the GladeE | The Maze Runner
A man-made disease that broke out after the sun flares; turns people into CranksF | The Scorch Trials
Instantly despises Thomas following his arrival to the GladeG | The Maze Runner
Actor who portrays MinhoH | The Maze Runner
AKA 'Munies'; those who will never get the FlareI | The Scorch Trials
Rat-Man's actual nameJ | The Death Cure
The prequel title for the trilogyK | Well, that would give it away
Actor who portrays JeffL | The Maze Runner
DescriptionAnswerLetter, Book
Rat-Man gives the Gladers and the girls the option to get this backM | The Death Cure
The Cranks wanted this from Thomas and BrendaN | The Scorch Trials
Actor who portrays ThomasO | The Maze Runner
Highest ranking official of WICKEDP | The Death Cure
Another word for nauseous, which Thomas was quite frequentlyQ | The Maze Runner
Organization against WICKEDR | The Death Cure
A leader, along with Harriet, of Group BS | The Scorch Trials
Pretends to betray Thomas throughout book 2T | The Scorch Trials
'______ is Good' - TeresaW | The Maze Runner
In age comparison, Chuck was the ___ of all the GladersY | The Maze Runner
Keeper of the GardensZ | The Maze Runner

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