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QUIZ: Can you name the Kingdom Hearts antagonists?

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Keyblade Master; Old man from BBS
Xehanort's Heartless; Possesses Riku in KH Re:CoM
BBS; Created by Master Xehanort
Main Disney Villain
Main Disney Villain's 'Side Kick'
Original Monsters (Shadows, Soldiers)
Monsters introduced in KH CoM (Dusks, Samurais, People)
Monsters introduced in BBS
Monsters introduced in DDD
Organization XIII number I; main antagonist in KH2; 'Superior of the In-Between'
Organization XIII number II; eliminated KH2; 'The Freeshooter'
Organization XIII number III; eliminated KH2; 'The Whirlwind Lancer'
Organization XIII number IV; eliminated KH CoM;
Organization XIII number V; eliminated KH CoM; 'Taciturn Stalwart'
Organization XIII number VI; eliminated KH CoM; 'The Cloaked Schemer'
Organization XIII number VII; eliminated KH2; 'The Luna Diviner'
Organization XIII number VIII; eliminated KH2; 'Flurry of Dancing Flames'
Organization XIII number IX; eliminated KH2; 'The Melodious Nocturne'
Organization XIII number X; eliminated KH2; 'Gambler of Fate'
Organization XIII number XI; eliminated KH CoM; 'Graceful Assassin'
Organization XIII number XII; eliminated KH CoM; 'The Savage Nympph'
Villain of Wonderland
Villain of Deep Jungle
Villain of Agrabah
Villain of Neverland
Villain of Halloweentown
Villain of Atlantica
Villain of Castle of Dreams
Villain of Dwarf Woodlands
Villain of Enchanted Dominion
Villain of Deep Space
Villain of Olympus Coliseum
Villain of Land of Dragons
Villain of Port Royal
Villain of Space Paranoids
Villain of Pride Lands
Villain of Timeless River
Villain of La Cité des Cloches
Villain of The Grid
Villain of Country of the Musketeers

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