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Who has attempted the most passes in one season?
What RB has the most rushing attempts in a season?
Who has returned the most interceptions for Touchdowns in their career?
What QB was sacked the most times in a Season?
What RB has the most receptions in a season?
Name either player who have had a record 23 fumbles in one season
Who led the NFL in rushing yards the last time the leader was below 1000 yds for a season?
What defensive player has the most career interceptions that is not in the Hall of Fame?
Name 1 of 3 QB's who have passed for more than 525 yds in one game
What QB has thrown the most Interceptions in a Season?
Who was the last WR to lead the league in receptions in back to back seasons?
What retired WR has exactly 1000 career receptions?
Who has the most career rushing yards without ever leading the league for a season?
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Who is Second all time in Career Receiving Yards?
When he retired at the end of the 1989 Season, this WR was the career leader in TD's, Yards and Receptions. Name him.
Who has the most career TD's having scored at least 1 TD via reception, rush, Kick return and punt return?
Name either HOF non-kicker who played 295(+) games with only 1 team their whole career
What team did Eric Dickerson end his playing career with?
Who has scored the most Touchdowns for their career playing for ONLY 1 team?
3 players have scored 20+ Touchdowns in a season after turning 30. Name 1
Who is the oldest player to lead the league in rushing for a season?
Who held the season record for most Receiving Yards before it was broken in 1995 by 2 players?
Who holds the record for both most passes attempted/completed in a game?
Who has the most career Rushing TD's without ever having a Receiving TD?
Name 1 of 3 players who share the record of 4 career Safety's

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