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Can you name these U.S. and International recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal? Answers are in alphabetical order by surnames, except where noted in clues*

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Year Awarded / CluesRecipients - Alphabetically*
1928: Norwegian/First to have reached both Poles
2009: First American on the Moon
1982: Queen of the Netherlands 1980-2013
[*alphabetized by first name]
1954: Composer (God Bless America/White Christmas)
2003: British Prime Minister 1997-2007
1986: Musician/fought world hunger/'Cats in the Cradle'
1969: Prime Minister of the U.K. twice
1973: 3000-Hit Ball Player/Died in relief-effort plane crash
2009: Apollo 11 Pilot/twice in space
1986: Composer/Conductor/El Salon Mexico/Our Town
1968: Cartoonist/Animator/Film Producer
1928: Prolific Inventor/Wizard of Menlo Park
1998: First Lady/substance abuse center
1960: New England Poet & Pulitzer Prize Winner
2009: First American Astronaut to orbit earth
1996: Southern Baptist Evangelist
1863: Major General of the Union/President
1962: Troops Entertainer/Actor
1939: Aviator/Tycoon/Engineer/Philanthropist
1979: Vice President for LBJ/Author of Civil Rights Act of '64
1815: Major General/President/'Old Hickory'
2000: Pope 1978-2005
[*alphabetized by Papal name]
1984: First Lady/Highway Beautification Act
1787: A 'Father of the United States Navy'
1978: Assassinated Senator of New York from Massachusetts
2004: Had a dream/Civil Rights Leader
2008: Political Prisoner of Burma
Year Awarded / CluesRecipients - Alphabetically*
1928: Aviator/Spirit of St. Louis
1982: Boxer/Brown Bomber
1962: 5 Star General of the US Army WWII
1998: South African anti-apartheid leader
1946: Chief of Staff/eponym of WWII 'Plan'
2015: 18-time Major winning Golfer/philanthropist
1988: 4 Time Track&Field Olympic Gold Medalist at Berlin Games
2009: Golfer with 'army' of fans
1999: Refused to relinquish her bus seat
2014: President of Israel 2007-14
1814: Commodore/Hero of Lake Erie during War of 1812
1946: General of the US Armies/'Black Jack'
1991: General/Secretary of State under George W. Bush
2000: President/Actor
2003: Broke Major League Baseball color barrier
1955: Discovered polio vaccine
2000: Cartoonist/Peanuts
1991: General/Persian Gulf War Commander in Chief
1997: Singer/Actor/Entertainer, Rat Pack
1980: Canadian Ambassador/Iran Hostage Crisis
1997: Religious Mother/Missionary in India
[*alphabetized by religious name]
1983: TV comedian 'Daddy'/St. Jude's Childrens Hospital
1864: Shipping/railroad magnate
1776: Commander in Chief/First US President
1979: Legendary American Film Actor/Westerns/'The Duke'
1980: Austrian writer and Nazi hunter
1988: Artist/Illustrator/Painter - known for Christina's World

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