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Can you name the Top 10 DJs of 2009 according to DJ Mag?

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This trance DJ's latest album is 'Imagine: The Remixes'.
'He's a Pirate' is one of this Dutch DJ's remixes.
Collaborating with such artists as Akon, Kelly Rowland, and Will.I.Am, this house DJ has drawn lots of mainstream attention with his new album.
This British trance group's albums include 'Tri-State' and 'Sirens of the Sea'.
His 1998 single 'For an Angel' peaked at number 28 on the UK singles chart.
This electro DJ is known for his red headgear.
Also known as System F, this DJ favors electro, trance, and techno.
This German trance DJ's remixes include Jewel's songs 'Intuition' and 'Stand'.
This British trance DJ has also used the names GTR and Cupa.
'Supernaturalistic' is one of this Dutch DJ's albums.

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