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Can you name the Airport Gateways and Codes?

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can you get all the airport codes for thcode
Estonia- Tallinn
Ireland- Dublin
Sweden- Stockholm
Austria- Vienna
Hungary- Budapest
Austria- Salzburg
Iceland- Keflavik
Italy- Venice
Greece- Corfu
Turkey- Istanbul
Netherlands- Amsterdam
Monaco- Nice
Cyprus- Larnaca
Slovakia- Bratislava
Slovenia- Ljubljana
Portugal- Porto
Switzerland- Geneva
Lithaunia- Vilnius
Sweden Gothenburg
can you get all the airport codes for thcode
Netherlands -Rotterdam
Switzerland- Zurich
Portugal- Faro
Russia- Vladivostok
Spain- Madrid
Greece- Rhodes
Belguim- Brussels
Russia- Moscow
Finland- Helsinki
Austria- Innsbruck
Greece- Athens
France- Paris Charles de Gaulle
Croatia- Dubrovnik
Bulgaria- Sofia
Malta- Malta International
Norway- Oslo
Italy- Rome
Denmark- Copenhagen
Germany- Berlin
Spain- Alicante
Portugal- Lisbon
can you get all the airport codes for thcode
Croatia- Split
Czech Republic- Prague
Turkey- Izmir
Italy- Milan Linate
France- Marseille
Switzerland- Basel
Russia- St Petersburg
Belguim- Brussels (midi)
Germany- Hamburg
France- Bordeux
Poland- Warsaw
Poland- Krakow
Ireland- Shannon
Norway- Bergen
Cyprus- Paphos
Germany- Frankfurt
Bulgaria- Varna
Spain- Barcelona
Turkey- Dalaman

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