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Can you name the More Random, Random Random And Randomer Things I Am Thinking Of Because I Am Still Weird?

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Random HintRandom ThingAnother Random Hint
In OceaniaMini Indonesia
They Seem To Think They Have Their Own OpiaJuicy!
Some Call It A Rat DogA Province Or State Or Region Or Something Else (I Don't Know Which) In Mexico
Techno-FruitAlso A Fruit!
If You Win First Place You Sometimes Get A…Hardware
Or A…Not Hardware!
The Second Book In The Twilight SagaEvil Volturi!
A Colony Of The UKMystery Triangle
The Other Continent Of FranceNot Europe, So Stop Trying!
If Something Is Magnetized, It Is…Suffix
Random HintRandom ThingAnother Random Hint
If I Said The Teacher Is A Mother Hen, I Just Said A…Figurative Language
Jesus' BirthdaySanta!
Michael Schumacher's BrotherNow Races In DTM
The Most Popular English WordI Can't Think Of Another Hint For This One!
Two Of These Are Bought Every SecondI'm A __________ Girl, In The _________ World!
Another Name For Autumn Leaves Do This
The Name Of The Website You Are OnThis Is SO Obvious
Kiss Me, I'mSaint Patrick
Abercrombie And…Clothing Company
The Fear Of The Number 13Rhymes With Ya.

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