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ChinaA self-defense barrier originally built of wood
IndiaBuilt to honor the emperor of India's dead wife
ItalyThe Gladiators fought here
Pennsylvania, USAThe Bell that declared independence
BrazilA famous statue on a mountain in Rio De Janerio
New York, USAThe French gave the USA a present
UkraineThe world's biggest nuclear explosion happened here
EnglandPossibly the world's biggest ferris-wheel
Florida, USAThe world-famous amusement park
GreeceBuilt on the acropolis of Athens
The Atmosphere A satellite that all of the UN is permitted to
EgyptStatues built as graves for dead pharaohs
ItalyA regular tower became a landmark because it leans
Texas, USAThe famous battle of the Texas Revolution
AustraliaOperas are sung here
TanzaniaThe worlds 2nd highest peak in Africa
Pacific IslandsA fought-hard battle was fought on this tiny island in World War II
PanamaA canal built to let ships safely around South America
GermanyIn World War 2, this wall was built to separate west Berlin from East Berlin
All over the USAThey created most American weaponry

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