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Can you name the game modes of MW2?

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Game ModeDescription
 TDM with Hardcore rules
 Control flags on the map to score points
 Objective games with no killstreaks
 Capture a marked location on the map. The team that owns the HQ doesn't respawn
 A variety of game modes
 Get the enemy flag and bring it back to your base
 Team Tactical in a third person perspective
 A variety of game modes all in Hardcore
 TDM and Domination with 18 players
 Kill the enemies a certain amount of times to win
Game ModeDescription
 Destroy two bomb sites within a given time limit
 Destroy the enemy base while protecting yours
 TDM with no parties allowed
 TDM with shorter time between games
 Every man for himself
 Hardcore Headquarters with ricochet team killing
 CTF with Hardcore rules
 Hardcore SND with ricochet team killing
 TDM and FFA with no killstreaks
 Destroy one enemy base. No respawning

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