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Can you name the things from the multiplayer of WaW?

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Perk 1Gives the player 3 special grenades. No smoke
Perk 1Gives the player 2 satchel charges.
Perk 1Gives the player a Bazooka with 2 rockets.
Perk 1Allows the player to see enemy equipment.
Perk 1Gives the player to pressure-activated mines.
Perk 1Gives the player more starting mags.
Perk 1Gives the player two starting grenades.
Perk 1Gives the player a flamethrower
Perk 1Stabilizes weapon on shotguns and LMGs. Replaces Perk 1.
Perk 1Launched explosive from a rifle. Replaces Perk 1.
Perk 2Increased bullet damage.
Perk 2More explosive damage.
Perk 2Take less explosion damage.
Perk 2Take less bullet damage.
Perk 2Unaffected by Tabun Gas.
Perk 2Do not appear on enemy radar when a Recon Plane is up.
Perk 2Reload faster.
Perk 2Unaffected by Signal Flares.
Perk 2Rate of fire is increased.
Perk 2Replaces pistol with another primary.
Perk 3Increased bullet penetrationn power.
Perk 3Longer sprint distances.
Perk 3Smaller crosshairs.
Perk 3Reset the fuse of a thrown back grenade.
Perk 3Pull your pistol out before dying, and revive other teammates using this perk.
Perk 3Drop a live Frag after death.
Perk 3Take less Flamethrower and Molotov Cocktail damage.
Perk 3Move silently.
Perk 3Longer hold-breath when scoped.
Perk 3See dogs, occupied tanks, and artillery strikes on the mini map.
Vehicle PerkDecreases turret overheating.
Vehicle PerkRotate your turret faster.
Vehicle PerkReload faster.
Vehicle PerkMove faster.
Vehicle PerkAble to control the machine gun on the tank.
SMGAmerican Submachine Gun
SMGGerman Submachine Gun
SMGJapanese Submachine Gun
SMGRussian Wonder Weapon
Machine GunJapanese Machine Gun.
Machine GunAmerican Rifle, classified in-game as a Machine Gun.
Machine GunRussian Machine Gun.
Machine GunGerman Machine Gun.
Machine GunGerman Machine Gun.
Machine GunAmerican Machine Gun.
Bolt Action RifleAmerican Bolt-Action.
Bolt Action RifleJapanese Bolt-Action.
Bolt Action RifleRussian Bolt-Action
Bolt Action RifleGerman Bolt-Action.
Bolt Action Rifle Russian Rifle, classified in-game as Bolt-Action.
RifleRussian Rifle.
RifleGerman Rifle.
RifleAmerican Rifle
RifleGerman Automatic Rifle.
RifleAmerican Rifle
ShotgunMulti-faction Shotgun, made in Americas
ShotgunAmerican Shotgun.
PistolIssued American Sidearm.
PistolIssued Japanese Sidearm.
PistolIssued German Sidearm.
PistolIssued Russian Sidearm.
PistolAmerican Revolver.
GrenadeCookable explosives.
GrenadeTimed sticky explosives.
GrenadeA burning Vodka bottle.
Secondary GrenadeA gas to slow down targets and impair vision.
Secondary GrenadeBlinds anyone who looks at it.
Secondary GrenadeCreates a smoke screen. Cannot be used with Special Grenades x3.
MapA Japanese airfield on Peleliu.
MapAn asylum somewhere near Berlin.
MapA building somewhere near Shuri Castle.
MapA cliff on Okinawa.
MapThe courtyard in front of Shuri Castle.
MapOn top of the Reichstag.
MapIn front of the Reichstag.
MapA Japanese Hangar in Peleliu.
MapA beach on the island of Makin.
MapA town in Germany.
MapA Russian train yard in Stalingrad.
MapA farm in Seelow, Germany.
MapSuburbs around Berlin.
Map Pack 1A Japanese village in Peleliu.
Map Pack 1In a ravaged Berlin.
Map Pack 1A subway station in Berlin.
Map Pack 2An American convoy ambushed on Peleliu
Map Pack 2A Russian train yard in Stalingrad.
Map Pack 2A Japanese submarine base in the Pacific.
Map Pack 3An American battery in the Philippines.
Map Pack 3The Brandenburg gate in Berlin.
Map Pack 3A Vodka factory in Stalingrad.
Bonus MapA daytime version of Makin.
AttachmentTakes the red dot off the mini map when firing and reduces muzzle flash, and quiets gun,while reducing range.
AttachmentSame effects as Suppressor.
AttachmentReplaces irons with a precision sight.
AttachmentIncreases range but increases recoil and slows ADS time.
AttachmentLaunch an explosive from the gun. Replaces 1st perk.
AttachmentIncreases melee range and makes knife kills count as kills with whatever gun you have it on.
AttachmentMore damage and range but slower ADS time.
AttachmentMore bullets in one magazine.
AttachmentIncreases accuracy but replaces perk 1.
AttachmentAttachment for double barrel that increases damage, but reduces range and accuracy.
AttachmentReduces recoil and allows you to mount your gun on certain surfaces.
Modded gunThe base for all weapons, allows you to shoot bullets out of your finger.

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