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Can you name the answers to the questions about WaW and BO's zombie mode?

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Who is the Russian playable character
What is a perk exclusive to Ascension
A map based off a Red Army campaign mission in WaW
The creator of zombies
The name of the end-game song of the original zombie map
A special grenade
The grenade from the original 4 maps
The company who came up with the idea
The first HellHound
The only map non-relative to the story
The location of the first zombie
The grenade from the new 3 maps
An equipment
The starting pistol from all maps
An assault rifle (from BO) NOT found in Zombies Mode
A trap exclusive to Kino Der Toten
A weapon in the original 4 maps with infinite ammunition
A president
Name the multiplayer map Nacht Der Untoten is based off
Name the multiplayer map Verruckt is based off
Name the multiplayer map Shi No Numa is based off
Name the multiplayer map Der Riese is based off
Name the multiplayer map Ascension is based off
The Wermacht character
In Nacht Der Untoten, what is the german wall gun in the first room
Name one of the 4 original perks-a-cola
The element used to make zombies
A gun exclusive for zombies found in every map
A special knife
The dude hanging from the roof in Shi No Numa
The first midday map
An utility found in Ascension and Kino Der Toten* (look at description)
Something found in every map in history
A revolver in WaW
The relative-to-its-normal-name name for the Pack A Punch'd M72 LAW
The name of the most expensive utility in game* (look at description)
The map Pack A Punches were invited to the game
The campaign character who looks strikingly simaliar to Nikolia
Where is Verruckt
The only playable character who's faction isn't zombified
The multiplayer map rounds 5-9 of Dead Ops is based off
The only BO map that includes the M2 Flamer
A so-called strategy that gets you downed
The one word that links the campaign (BO) to zombie mode
The gassy zombie
What you make when you blow a zombies legs off. factoid:they are like the juggernauts of zombie mode
A utility that most people use. Once every round, almost. Gives you something 'random'
An enemy exclusive to Ascension. Replaces HellHounds
How many doors in Kino Der Toten
What is a unique thing about Ascension (Not weapon,utility,orenemy-wise)
Something introduced in Verruckt
What is Nikolia addicted to
Tank Dempsey's favorite WaW weapon
The first map in which you can go outside
A utility introduced in Shi No Numa* (see the description)
A utility introduced in Ascension* (see the description)
An enemy introduced in 'Five'
A scary, fiery enemy
In Kino Der Toten, Five, and Ascension, what is the starting room shotgun
Your enemy (obvious!)
A really cool knife that shoots
A really cool knife that doesn't shoot
A knife that isn't cool
A thing you do with you're gun when you're outta ammo that gets you downed
The campaign character who looks strikingly simaliar to Dempsey
A one shot, one kill pistol
The Japanese character
Grand Finale! Are you happy you're finished?

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