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Can you name the Staples APC-1d and 2d Kinamatics Unit?

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Forced Order
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HintybitPop~You get a clue!
What angle provides the correct horizontal and vertical velocities for an object to travel the furthest on a level plane?ooooooo.
Graph of position vs time of an object only affected by gravity?integral or derivative
Graph of vertical velocity vs time of an object only affected by gravity?flux this!
Change in position over change in time?like first year physics
Derivative of Acceleration?you never use this, you _____.
Distance the object of 2kg mass travels?this takes work. (find the preceding question)
Does gravity affect horizontal velocity?omfg.
An object acted on only by gravity?think.
Vertical velocity at the highest point in an objects trajectory?oh please.
Does mass affect gravitational acceleration?uhm so
HintybitPop~You get a clue!
Acceleration due to gravity?this is easy. like the rest of this unit.
Derivative of Velocity?no.
Time it takes for an object of mass 2kg thrown directly upwards at a speed of 10mps to hit the ground?units. also, use a round number.
Magnitude of Velocity?conCEPTual
Displacement of the object of 2kg mass?lol (find the preceding question)
Derivative of Position?yes.
Change in velocity over change in time?no calc required here
Kinematic equations can only be used when acceleration better know this
Acceleration in the horizontal direction?must i?
Unit of force?apple!chewchewchew

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