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Can you name the answers according to the first series of Look Around You?

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A calcium molecule is comprised of 4 electrons, 3 protons, and... 
When the structure of a calcium molecule falls apart, it is called... 
Foods that contain dairy products are called... 
The effect of a flow of helium gas upon a pyramid of calcium is called... 
How far away does the image of a calcium pyramid appear when the flow of helium is set to a factor of 7 qps? 
What machine would one use to communicate with intelligent calcium? 
Maths stands for... (M) 
3 = ? 
If Jean stands 1 nautical mile from Lord Scotland, how tall is Imhotep? 
Will the ladies have enough for the bus ride home? 
What is the probability all three queens will be wearing the same dress at the party? 
What is the chemical symbol for water? 
How long does it take for an egg to coagulate perfectly in boiling water? 
What is produced when nitrogen gas mafipulates through water for 5 minutes? 
Where did germs originate? 
What is the professor's temperature after being exposed to germs for 3 hours? 
Lepidopterus arboratus is more commonly known as what? 
What machine would one use to produce a visualisation of a ghost?  
Ectoplasm tastes like... 
4000,000,000 billigrams = ? 
The citadel number of sulphur is... 
Sulphur is used in the production of... 
Which industry benefits the most from the production of sulphagne? 
Music is the name given to any sequence of notes designed by man (or woman) to affect... 
Which two composers' DNA samples are the basis of the Harrington 1200's computational power? 
How many keys are contained within the BĂ´ite Diabolique? 
What town was Schubert built in? 
Who was the father of iron chemistry? 
Brown iron is also called... 
What appears in the sky when one runs an AC/DC current through an iron pyramid? 
True or false: The human brain regulates a person's size. 
Stimulation of what part of the brain results in a permanent feeling of wanting to sneeze? 
What is an EBE? 

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