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Can you name these bands and musicians from the state of Washington from the songs given?

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TACOMA: 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?' (1932), 'White Christmas' (1942)
TACOMA: 'Walk Don't Run' (1960), 'Hawaii Five-O' (1968)
TACOMA: 'The Witch' (1964), 'Strychnine' (1965)
SEATTLE: 'Hey Joe' (1967), 'Purple Haze' (1967)
BOTHELL: 'Barracuda' (1977), 'What About Love' (1985)
BELLEVUE: 'Hello' (1980), 'Make Me' (1980)
EVERETT: 'Footloose' (1984), 'Danger Zone' (1986)
SEATTLE: 'Posse on Broadway' (1987), 'Baby Got Back' (1992)
BELLEVUE: 'I Don't Believe in Love' (1988), 'Silent Lucidity' (1990)
BELLEVUE: 'Touch Me I'm Sick' (1988), 'Suck You Dry' (1992)
MONTESANO: 'Venus in Furs' (1991), 'Honey Bucket' (1993)
SEATTLE: 'Rusty Cage' (1991), 'Black Hole Sun' (1994)
SEATTLE: 'Stardog Champion' (1990), 'Capricorn Sister' (1990)
ABERDEEN: 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' (1991), 'Heart-Shaped Box' (1993)
SEATTLE: 'Even Flow' (1991), 'Jeremy' (1991)
SEATTLE: 'Rooster' (1992), 'Down in a Hole' (1992)
ELLENSBURG: 'Nearly Lost You' (1992), 'All I Know' (1996)
SEATTLE: 'Lump' (1995), 'Peaches' (1995)
BREMERTON: 'Chick Magnet' (1996), 'Responsibility' (2000)
SEATTLE: 'Everlong' (1997), 'Times Like These' (2003)
OLYMPIA: 'One More Hour' (1997), 'One Beat' (2002)
ISSAQUAH: 'Float On' (2004), 'Lampshades on Fire' (2015)
BELLINGHAM: 'Soul Meets Body' (2005), 'I Will Possess Your Heart' (2008)
SEATTLE: 'Blue Ridge Mountains' (2008), 'Helplessness Blues' (2011)
SEATTLE: 'My Oh My' (2010), 'Thrift Shop' (2012)

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