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Adjective describing a 'Comedy' written by Dante Alighieri
eman emas eht fo lanac a dna flug a gnola detacol ,aeS deR eht no ytic naitpygE
Abbreviation for the constellation containing Alpheratz and Mirach
(H eht pord tsuj) 'stsiruot rof gnigdol sedivorp taht tnemhsilbatse' rof drow hsikruT
Female equivalent of a son
erbmoH eht no yanxI s'gnirpsffO ehT no 3 kcarT
Word which accompanies 'All' and '70's Show' in TV program titles
tropriA lanoitanretnI a'anaS rof edoc ATAI
Absolutely, 100% certain
GNT :kerT ratS no ngisne narojaB
In photography, an image on film with an inverted luminance
sytcartet a ni stod fo rebmuN
In heraldry, a design or emblem, such as a lozenge or lion, which occupies the field
muidos rof lobmys lacimehC
Mixture of metals, such as brass or pewter
xaw niffarap der ni detaoc yllacipyt eseehc hctuD
Word that precedes 'brief candle!' twice in Macbeth's soliloquy
rebmun reiruoF rof lobmyS
Metal used in the manufacture of wiring and pennies
(mynorca) seditoelcun fo desirpmoc xileh elbuoD
Percentage of 25 that equals 3
esuol a fo ggE

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