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DefinitionDivision TypeExamples
a small, localized, cohesive area of a municipalityHell's Kitchen (New York City), The Castro (San Francisco)
a division used in Catholicism to refer to a local area with a church and member of clergy, or, in secular usage, a unit of local governmentPlaquemines (Louisiana), Saint Andrew (Jamaica)
a large incorporated municipalityLos Angeles (California), Moscow (Russia)
small administrative division, as in Switzerland (but not Ohio or China)Ticino (Switzerland), Montes de Oca (Costa Rica)
a sovereign area of land characterized by a population of citizens under the jurisdiction of a central governmentKyrgyzstan (Asia), Nicaragua (North America)
an administrative or electoral division, notably an American congressional division53rd (California), 8th (New York)
an administrative or electoral division, or a Canadian parliamentary constituencyToronto Centre (Ontario), Vancouver Quadra (British Columbia)
a non-sovereign area of land which belongs to a state or federal unionPuerto Rico (United States), Nunavut (Canada)
an administrative division of a stateNassau (New York), Cork (Ireland)
an administrative division of a countryQuebec (Canada), KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)
DefinitionDivision TypeExamples
an area of non-adjacent land, an island, or a municipality separated from but subject to the government of a ruling powerVirginia (Great Britain, until 1783), Hong Kong (UK, until 1997)
an area of land characterized by commonalities, and sometimes by administrative cohesionBasque Country (Spain/France), Tuscany (Italy)
an incorporated municipality smaller than a city, or a larger administrative division in AlaskaStaten Island (New York City), Kenai Peninsula (Alaska)
one of seven large landmasses on the surface of the Earth, including satellite islandsEurope, South America
the jurisdiction of a person appointed to a chief magisterial positionChiba (Japan), Euboea (Greece)
a division used in Catholicism to refer to the jurisdiction of a bishopSpringfield-Cape Girardeau (Missouri), Ecatepec (Mexico)
a traditional term for a division of land in the United KingdomDorset (England), Sutherland (Australia)
an administrative unit of a large municipalityFarringdon Without (London), Naniwa-ku (Osaka)
a distinct political entity, which may or may not be a single unit of a federal unionAmazonas (Brazil), Florida (USA)
a municipality of moderate to large sizeAstoria (Oregon), Framingham (Massachusetts)

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