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Can you name the world deities or mythological spirits from A-Z?

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A - God, the One and Only (Islam)
B - God of creation (Hindu)
C - God of prosperity (Chinese)
D - God of the sun, son of Svarog (Slavic)
E - Goddess of fertility, protector of horses (Celtic)
F - Goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, war and death (Norse)
G - Goddess of the earth (Greek)
H - Emperor of Heaven (Korean)
I - Father of Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo (Japanese)
J - Short form of the Tetragrammaton (Rastafari)
K - Flute-playing fertility deity (Pueblo)
L - God of mischief (Norse)
M - God of war (Roman)
N - Master of polar bears (Inuit)
O - God of the afterlife (Egyptian)
P - Goddess of fire, thunder, dancing and volcanoes (Hawaiian)
Q - Feathered serpent (Aztec)
R - Great snake spirit of the Dreamtime* (Australian Aboriginal)
S - God of destruction (Hindu)
T - Creator and Sun Spirit (Hopi)
U - Creator god (Zulu)
V - God of preservation (Hindu)
W - Dragon sea god (Japanese)
X - God of fire, day and heat (Aztec)
Y - The Lord, He who is named 'I Am that I Am' (Judaic)
Z - King of the gods (Greek)

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