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QUIZ: Can you name the title of the movie or T.V. show from it's messed-up name??

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Forced Order
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Messed-up titleReal title
Holiday Figure’s Contract
Lifting Female
Thrashing and Yelling
Feelings of Adoration Toward the Sport
The Evil Spirit Clothes Themselves in Designer Labels
The Adolescent Attempting to be Older
Becoming and Adolescent Once More
Multiple Articles of Fancy Clothing (Usually worn at weddings)
Numerous Primary Social Meetings Between a Couple
Returning to the Beyond
Under a Spell (Not Enchanted)
Less Expensive As a Result of the Amount
Father’s Babysitting Group
Short Creature Who Works in a Factory to make Children’s Resources
Man who is like God
Non-Single Females in Battle
Standing Up to the Tall Men
A Small Amount of High-Quality Males
Male Parent of the Taken Female
Unusual Happenings on the Second to Last Day of the Week
Slick Substance Applied to Unruly Hair
Adult Figures that Act as Children Do
A Curved Metal that Supports Hanging Objects
Journey on which One’s Destination Is Their Residence
A Child Skilled in a Form of Martial Art
Darling, I’ve Withered the Children
Messed-up titleReal title
A Group of Unique Individuals (Women) Working to Achieve Greatness by Themsleves
Two Untruthful Persons
Inexperienced with Physical Love (Don't think sexual; think hugs, kisses, holding hands, etc.)
Fresh to Society
The Dark Hours of Day Spent in a Historical Preservative
The Journal of Memories
The Royal Journal Entries
The Proposition of Marriage Asked by One Lover to the Other
The Statement that You Have Received Letters
Male Precipitation
Never Forget the Greek Race (Not a race like running, race like the human race)
The Stand-Ins / Fill-Ins
Being Restless In the Rainy State
Sugary Residence in a Southern State
Best Weapon
Spinner and ****
One Who Coordinates a Couple's Happiest Day
Affection Toward Redhead Female
The Bird Relatives
Yellow Form of Transportation (Not the magic school bus)
Desires in the Head for a Mythical Wish-Granting Woman
Relative Knots
Current Relatives
The Central Area
Happiness / Joy
Cheerful Times

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