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There are many problems
There's strength in unity
Better be sure than sorry
It can't be denied
For one reason or another
Not a day goes by that one doesn't hear or read about
What a timely/appropriate question
More often than ever
From time immemorial
There are many problems with
In the vanguard/leading the flight
As I have already said
You only have to
The thing that worries me
Everything's a mess
As soon as possible
World-changing event
The problem must be tackled
It was predicted
Harbingers of doom
The country is in a mess
At the moment
Without a doubt
The sooner the better
Lesser of two evils
Hanging in the balance
In brief
In any shape or form
It is predicted
Cause of contention
Things were neglected
It's not impossible
It is the responsibility of
More than anything else
I'm tired listening to
It's an eternal problem
For a long time
I'm heartily sick of it
Spreading out
Without further delay
Every little helps
The problem is getting worse
Things happen by degrees
Without hesitation
I intend to discuss these topics in this essay

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