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Charm which makes someone happyCharms
Incantation of a Tickling CharmCharms
Opposite of 'Alohomora'Charms
Wand movement of the Hover CharmCharms
First exception to Gamp's Law of Elemental TransfigurationTransfiguration
Incantation of a Vanishing SpellTransfiguration
Fera Verto transfigures animals into what?Transfiguration
A spell to conjure a snakeTransfiguration
A potion which relieves anxiety and agitationPotions
A potion used for someone who got Splinched. Also used to make fresh skin grow over a wound.Potions
Felix Felicis should be stewed for how long?Potions
Worn when working with mandrakes because its sound is fatalHerbology
A plant which loves dark and damp places and hates lightHerbology
The defensive mechanism of Mimbulus Mimbletonia by squirting out from the plant's boilsHerbology
Witch who loved being burned so she let herself be captured by Muggles for 47 timesHistory of Magic
First Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of WizardsHistory of Magic
The blacksmith of the Golden Snitch who lives in the Godric's HollowHistory of Magic
One of Jupiter's moons which is covered in iceAstronomy
One of Jupiter's moons with many volcanoesAstronomy
Color that comes out of the wand when Expelliarmus charm is castedDefense Against the Dark Arts
Incantation of the Shield CharmDefense Against the Dark Arts
Defense against InferiDefense Against the Dark Arts
The only known survivor of the Killing CurseDefense Against the Dark Arts
A creature fond of girls which has a blood that can save you from death but at a terrible priceCare of Magical Creatures
A very proud creatureCare of Magical Creatures
A creature which is attracted to shiny objectsCare of Magical Creatures
A tea leaf symbol which refers to the omen of deathDivination
A tea leaf symbol which refers to great happinessDivination
Meaning of 'ehwaz'Ancient Runes
Meaning of 'eihwaz'Ancient Runes

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