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H- Name Grawp calls her
E- Actress who played Hermione Granger
R- Wizard she married
M- Witch she was disguised as in the infiltration of the Ministry of Magic
I- She saw this man's grave in Godric's Hollow
O- Hermione's Patronus
N- Guy whom Hermione helped in searching for his toad during their first year
E- Hermione warned Xenophilius that the Crumple-Horned Snorkack's horn he talks about is really an _______ ______.
J- He is also a muggle-born who got petrified in Hermione's 2nd year
E- Society for the Promotion of __________ Welfare
A- Subject Hermione took where they talk about numbers and numerology
N- This man created a stone that was saved by Hermione, Harry and Ron
G- Hermione had a crush on this person in her 2nd year
R- 'How come you're not in _________? With brains like yours?' (Terry Boot talking to her)
A- Dumbledore's ____ (secret organization)
N- Hermione preferred this witch for Bill Weasley because she thinks this girl is smarter
G- Hermione's closest female friend
E- Hermione's grade in her OWLS in Defence Against the Dark Arts
R- Hermione's daughter
LAST : Books and __________, there are more important things-- friendship and bravery

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